Devon Seacrest

Twenty-Nine (29) Tips For Better Sales

  1. Understanding the origin of your leads.
  2. Value leads more richly.
  3. Develop a formula of what it costs to get a lead and what is its worth.
  4. Develop a propriety lead generation trick.
  5. Do you[...]
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Giving a Great Product Demo


It’s Not About You Or Your Product

Your customers could care less about you, your product, your company, etc. All they care about is, can you help them run their business. Will their life be[...]

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How to close a deal.


The best time to close is when your prospect is ready to say “yes” -- no sooner and no later. Closing includes asking your prospect to take some action. In order to close effectively, you must[...]

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What is growth hacking?

The constant growth of digital marketing has continued to redefine traditional business roles. Indeed, products in the digital space now require more effective and adaptable marketing techniques[...]

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How to be assertive in sales without being an asshole.


It can't be denied that the entire purpose of marketing is to sell products. However, your prerogative to make sales doesn't have to turn your customer into your enemy.

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