Hold Your Ground as a Salesperson


 To often, salespeople think that buyers who hold cash have the ultimate prize. In turn, salespeople will beg and grovel for business, going to almost any lengths before they find out that the[...]

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Why Your CEO Should Be Your First Salesperson


There are countless stories of startups hiring six-figured seasoned salespeople with giant rolodexes to kick-start their sales pipeline. Time after time, we’ve seen them met with disappointment.[...]

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50 Great Sales Blogs


Looking for great sales blogs outside of ScoutSheet. Check out some of our favorites listed in no particular order:

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Agile Sales: What Salespeople Can Learn from Developers


According to Forbes, many sales teams are stuck in a paradigm that mirrors 1990s software development. Before Software as a Service (SaaS) achieved universal popularity, development teams had[...]

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Most Common Sales Objections & How to Handle Them


Most customer objections fit into a handful of categories. The purpose of understanding these categories is to have prepared responses for them, so that when you see an objection coming, you[...]

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How to Handle Customer Objections


Prospects are likely to raise objections during the buying journey, yet these objections provide critical opportunities for you to discover the real reasons you may not make sales.

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Validate Your Business Idea–With These 3 Tips

Pro Tip!!!! Get Out of The Building

There is a famous saying that “an idea is worth a dollar, but an idea properly executed is worth a billion.”  The first step towards executing your idea is[...]

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