Twenty-Nine (29) Tips For Better Sales

  1. Understanding the origin of your leads.
  2. Value leads more richly.
  3. Develop a formula of what it costs to get a lead and what is its worth.
  4. Develop a propriety lead generation trick.
  5. Do you recognize that marketing leads are more valuable than salesperson leads.
  6. Remove lead generating processes from sales and put them in marketing.
  7. Leverage lead scoring tools for your business-customer’s behaviors and demographics.
  8. Spend a set % of revenue on marketing.
  9. Make sure you company owns your sales process, not any individual salesperson.
  10. Develop an education based marketing program (sales is educating buyers).
  11. Demonstrate excessive transparency as a company w/prospects and employees.
  12. Create micro script phrases that clients will remember and repeat.
  13. Make right technology tradeoffs.
  14. Invest in you top sales person (your website) and make sure it is performing.
  15. Use 5 or more domains for your company.
  16. Hire a movie star for your sales.
  17. Fully utilize all your CRM has to offer.
  18. Have steller sales meetings.
  19. Manage sales pipeline report.
  20. Follow up or lost deals religiously.
  21. Invest in one-one time with sales reps.
  22. Don’t make the mistake of giving a good lead to a bad salesperson.
  23. Find great sales reps in creative ways.
  24. Hire traits, not skills.
  25. Use testing in hiring process.
  26. Measure success on sales performance.
  27. Invest in sales training.
  28. Require CRM to be used.
  29. Sales manager and sales coach should be different.